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Get a free online listing for your hotel, B&B, guesthouse or backpackers hostel.

Avoid paying commissions to the online booking listing sites.

Ensure tourists and independent travellers can find you online, communicate with you easily and make reservations for free.

Take accommodation bookings without paying commission

If you own or manage a hotel, B&B, guest house or backpackers hostel you are probably paying 15% or more in commissions to the online room booking sites.

Independent travellers try to find you directly online to get a better deal. If you don't appear on Google, or they can't make a reservation easily, they will use a site like or instead, and you end up paying the fees.

Make sure tourists and travellers can find you, communicate with you easily and make reservations for free.

No commissions or booking fees

When travellers can find you and communicate with you directly you can take their bookings without paying a fee.

Many price conscious independent travellers will search directly for a hotel, guests house, B&B or hostel website to see if they can get a better deal booking directly with a property.

With a free GetInView listing these savvy travellers can find you, and you can offer these guests a better rate for booking directly with you than using the commercial booking websites.

Appear on search engines like Google

Your online presence will include all the information required so that travellers can search and find your website online.

We even work with you to register your property on Google Maps and use Google Business reviews to help guests see the quality of your service.

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